Latest News - Children

Hi Children and Parents/Responsible Adults,

If you would like your child/children to be a part of our vibrant children's work on a Sunday morning, then please complete a registration form for them. This will enable us to safeguard your child/children whilst they are with us as they will register each time they attend. It will also ensure that you collect them from their group and keep them with you once the planned children's activities are finished. We thank you for your support in this matter.

We have lots of things for children here at The Ark, Friday clubs, Sunday School and our special Glow Praise Parties, where all children from other churches and lots of friends come together to enjoy songs, dance, prayer and a talk, not to mention the Sparkle Squad Puppet Team too. The Ark is a busy place to be, and we love to share all about Jesus with you too. 

See you at church.

There is Love in Dover

Rhubarb and Custard are looking forward to mission week from 19th to 24th March....look out for lots of things you can join in with, including a Godly Play session and a Glow Praise Party.....sharing the love of Jesus with everyone in Dover!

Easter Sunday School

The children and young people celebrated Easter Sunday by retelling the events of the week before Easter using pictures and putting them in the correct sequence.

We then celebrated the Good News of Jesus being raised to life by playing a party game - Pass the Parcel - and unwrapping different items to help us tell the story from Mark 16 vs 1-7.

There were lots of opportunities to enjoy some chocolate and importantly to pray to God during our different prayer activity groups.

Our picture shows some of the children writing and drawing in the sand the things they wanted to say sorry to God for. Then they wiped away what they had done, just like God wiping away the things we do that sadden Him.