Conditions of Hire

1. Rates of Hire

Per hour or part thereof.  Minimum hire period is 2hrs per booking:-

Arena £36 | Auditorium £30 | Conservatory £20  | Lounge £20

2. Bookings

Can be made by contacting The Ark on 01304 225737.

In the event of cancellation, a minimum of 6 weeks notice is required from the hirer.  No charge will be made for cancellation when the appropriate notice has been given, and the following charges will be implemented where this does not occur:-

6 weeks 40% | 5 weeks 50% | 4 weeks 60%  | 3 weeks 70%  | 2 weeks 80% | 1 week 90%

In the event of adverse weather conditions or, for any other reason, you cancel on the day, if The Ark is open for business it will be deemed that your booking can take place and you will be charged in full.

Booking times must include access to the room, setting up and clearing away.  If trainers/course leaders arrive unreasonably early at The Ark and require access, you will be charged for the additional time.  It is within our rights to refuse additional time.

3. Evening Surcharges & Saturday Bookings

Rooms that are hired from 6pm-10pm  weekdays or 8am – 4pm on Saturdays will be subject to a surcharge of £50 per booking.   Daytime bookings that go beyond 6pm will also be subject to the surcharge. 

4. Equipment

TV/video/DVD players, projectors and laptops are all available to hire at a cost  of £25 per item per day.  All items subject to availability.  If a request is made on the day of  your event we cannot guarantee availability.  This is a set rate and there is no reduction for part  day bookings.   Flip charts are available for use at no cost and flip chart paper can be provided  at £6/pad.

5. PA/IT equipment

The Ark does not provide operators for any PA/IT equipment hirers should  provide their own technicians.

6. All catering and refreshments to be provided by The Ark only, without exception. 

Catering is available at a cost of £7.95 per head for a buffet lunch.

Final total of delegate lunches required must be given 1 week prior to your event.  It is the  responsibility of the hirer to contact The Ark with final numbers for their event.  If no contact is  made by the hirer then the numbers given at the time of booking will be invoiced for.  We do  not guarantee to provide food for any additional delegates that we have not been informed will  be attending, but if this is provided we will invoice for any additional provision.

In the event of cancellation and in addition to the cancellation charges in point 2 above, you will be charged in full if cancellation of catering requirements takes place within 7 days of your event.

Refreshments Tea, coffee and biscuits is £20.00 per serving for up to 20 people and 60p/head thereafter.

7. Furniture 

6’ Rectangular Folding tables can be made available for your use, however during busy  periods availability may be limited and cannot be guaranteed.  Please specify at the time of  booking how many tables you require.

Chairs for each room can be set out as the hirer requests, with the exception of the Arena,  which is permanently set out with over 300 chairs.  At least one week’s notice and booking  for a minimum of 8 hours is required if you would like the Arena chairs moved/removed.   We cannot guarantee removal of stacks of chairs from the Arena.  The Ark reserves the  right to refuse to move/remove these chairs for any booking.

8. Risk Assessments

It is the responsibility of the course leader/trainer to carry out their own  risk assessment of The Ark.

9.  Damage of any kind

Howsoever caused, to the building or contents of The Ark, arising from or   in connection with your booking shall be made good at hirer’s expense.

10. The Ark Dover accepts no responsibility

For any loss or damaged caused to persons or   property whilst on the premises.  Parking is at owner’s risk.

11. Only the rooms specified

On the Booking Form may be used.

12. Equipment, papers or any other property relating to your booking

May NOT be left on the premises overnight.  All property to be removed.

13. Parking

At busy times may be limited.  We do not guarantee to provide parking for your event.

14. The Ark Dover

Reserves the right to relocate any booking to an alternative suitable room in the building, at their discretion and without informing the hirer.

15. The Ark reserves the right to refuse

Any request for hire and to review conditions and charges for each booking.  All charges are subject to review on 1st January each year and will    take effect from that date and will apply to all new bookings from that date.  However, The   Ark reserves the right to make adjustments at any time. 

The Ark Conference and Hire Facilities

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