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About The Ark

The Ark is a church and community complex where an increasing variety of activities occur. The Ark is involved with providing conference facilities, enabling training opportunities and community networking. 

The aim of The Ark church is to reach lost people for Jesus. The church meeting time on Sunday is 10:30-12:15. There are many church activities during the week, such as; Golden Years meal for senior citizens, youth activities, Hens and Chicks, coffee morning and home groups. 

The Ark aims to have a positive effect on the community. Dover Food Bank is hosted at The Ark on Wednesday evenings. The Ark is an active member of Christians Against Poverty. The charities Headway and Home-Start Dover District have office and work space within The Ark. Groups such as Kent Counselling Association also use The Ark as location for their services. One of the former church leaders was invited by former Prime Minister Tony Blair to 10 Downing Street, in recognition for work carried out as a social entrepreneur. The Shadow Education Secretary, Stephen Twigg, visited The Ark in 2013. 

The Ark is led by a team of pastors and elders. The church elders are: Mike Hewgill, Myles Kearney, Stuart Walker [prophet], David Cason [pastor], and Steve Green, Nigel Bainbridge [pastor], Eric Parker [senior pastor and apostle], Andrew Simpson, James Burke, and Henry Coates [pastor]. 

The Ark employs Rachel Kittle [administrator], Sarah Hayward [assistant administrator], Nigel Bainbridge [education co-ordinator], Pat Wheeler [Pastoral Support], and Michael Brett [cleaner]. Eric Parker is the Centre Manager. 

In 2014 The Ark hosted the Christians Together in Dover Ecumenical service. The Ark supports the Soup Kitchen (run by Christians Together in Dover). The Ark is a member of The Evangelical Alliance. International speakers, Jeff Lucas and Gerard Kelly, have both spoken at The Ark. In 2010 Mike Pilavachi led a ‘REACH’ training event at The Ark. Dame Ellen MacArthur gave a presentation at The Ark in 2009. 

The following church leaders from Dover have been sent out as pastors into new settings: John Smith [Keighley], Steve Burke [Llangynwyd], Adrian Galley [Edinburgh], Greg Bridges [Deal], Josh Cordray [Maidstone], and David Wade [Bridgend]. John-Neal Roberts was sent as a pastor-in-training from The Ark to Community Church Deal in February 2014.

The Ark has a website and a Facebook page 

 The Building 

The Ark was purchased in 1996 for the Apostolic Church, Dover. This former eye-hospital was formally opened by Harold Wade in September 1997. Joel Edwards [former president of the Evangelical Alliance] was the guest speaker at this occasion. The Arena and Terrace Suite extension was opened by Diane Louise Jordan [Blue Peter and Songs of Praise presenter] and local MP Gwyn Prosser, in September 2003. The Ark was named after its location on Noah’s Ark Road. 

Happy Feet Pre-School welcomes around 100 children during term-time. Happy Feet Pre-School based at The Ark is a department of The Ark. Sharon Lucas is the Operational Manager of the pre-school. The Ark is a partner in the Tower Hamlets ‘Daisy’ Children’s Centre. This project enabled an extension to the west end of The Ark in March 2006.

The Ark is the home of the Dover Apostolic Church. In the 1990’s this church was based, on Sundays, in the Dover South Kent College. Prior to this, in the 1970’s and 1980’s the Dover Apostolic Church held it’s Sunday meetings in the building on the corner of Erith Street and London Road. Previous leaders of the Dover Apostolic Church include; Mark Davies, Warren Jones, Derek Meldrum, Samuel McKibben and Bill Chivers.


The Denomination

The Apostolic Church is a registered charity [number 284789]. For further information about the denomination please visit The Apostolic Church grew out of the 1904-05 Welsh revival, and was founded in 1915. The first national leader of the Apostolic denomination was Pastor Daniel Powell Williams. It is a pentecostal, evangelical and international denomination. Ephesians chapter 4 verses 8-11 is a distinctive and important passage for the denomination. Some of the core beliefs of the Apostolic Church include: The Bible is faultless; God is perfect unity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit; Jesus was born of a virgin, led a sinless life, triumphed over sin and will return to earth again; faith in Jesus provides the way to heaven in the future; Heaven and hell exist; the Holy Spirit empowers Christians for effective service; and apostle, prophet, pastor, teacher and evangelist ministries are given to the church for growth

There are nearly 12 million Apostolic Christians over 90 nations across the globe. In 2016 the Apostolic Churches across the world will gather in the UK to celebrate the centenary the formation of the first Apostolic Church (

The UK Apostolic Church supports overseas missionary around the world. Further information can be found at Eric Parker heads up the national overseas mission body, ‘ActionOverseas’. Nigel Bainbridge acts as the Administrator for ActionOverseas. The 2013 Apostolic World Conference was in Accra, Ghana. 

Each November, the Apostolic Church assembles a Council of Ascension Ministries to formulate future plans. The Apostolic Church has its annual convention [‘AblazeUK’] at Cheltenham Racecourse. The National Leadership Team provides overall leadership for the denomination in the United Kingdom.  Pastor Emmanuel Mbakwe is the National Leader. Eric Parker is a member of the National Leadership Team. The national administration offices are in London.

In September 2006, The Ark planted a new church in Deal, led by Pastor Greg Bridges. Community Church Deal is based on Sundays at Warden House Extended Primary School.  Maidstone International Church, Living Well Church [Whitfield], Community Church Deal, The Ark [Dover], Sunnyhill Community Church [Poole] and South Downs Community Church [Eastbourne] comprise the coastal cluster of London Region of the UK Apostolic Church.